Which Word Do I Use?

A quickie guide to the most confusing word pairs

If you master these words, you will solve most word usage problems. This book does not contain one-sentence definitions. Instead, you get definitions (can’t get around that), explanations, guidance on using the words, and examples with discussion. The point is this: You will learn to use these words so you don’t have to look them up, and so you can be confident about your writing.

For just under 2 bucks, you will learn to use these 33 word pairs correctly:

Accept vs. Except
All ready vs. Already
All right vs. Alright
Although vs. While
Amount of vs. Number of
Anxious vs. Eager
Because vs. As
Between vs. Among
Biannual vs. Biennial
Complement vs. Compliment
Compose vs. Comprise
Continuous vs. Continual
Could of vs. Could have, Should of vs. Should have
Counsel vs. Council
Effect vs. Affect
Everybody vs. Every body
Farther vs. Further

Good vs. Well
Hopefully vs. Hopeful
I.E. vs. E.G.
If vs. Whether
Imply vs. Infer
In vs. On
Irregardless vs. Regardless
Lay vs. Lie
Less vs. Fewer
Like vs. Such as
Realize vs. Think vs. Believe vs. Feel
Skim vs. Scan
That vs. Which
Was vs. Were
Who vs. That
Who vs. Whom

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Amazon.com reviewer
If writing is part of your regular activities, this is a handy manual for quick consulting on commonly used words that generate confusion on their proper use.