Bang-Writing with Impact

BANG! is THE guide for writing with impact. Don’t waste your time on books that spend pages and pages on how people have used strategies, the history of writing, or similar meaningless information. Bang! is for people who have work to do and a message to deliver.

This book tells you how to do exactly what you are trying to do: make your readers pay attention. Bang! helps you make an impact with your writing. This book translates effective rhetorical techniques and translates them into discrete and practical writing strategies. With these strategies, you can affect not only what your reader thinks about but also how your reader will respond to your message. Each strategy is explained in real terms and demonstrated through examples.

Bang! Writing with Impact contain 114 strategies in 18 categories.

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PDF version:
Pages: 47 instructional pages, 51 pages total
Publisher: Precise Edit
Format: PDF, 8″ x 11″

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David Derricote, Director of Business Operations
Bang! has been a good read