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WHAT IS HOSTILE EDITING? Hostile editing is a no-nonsense approach to writing instruction. Hostile editing rejects the idea that you can’t improve your writing. You can. Hostile editing rejects the idea that writing instruction has to be complicated and full of unfamiliar grammar terms. It doesn’t. You don’t need an English degree to write well.

With the right tools and knowledge, you can write clearly, make your point, impress your readers, demonstrate your credibility, and prove that you know how to write well. The writing guides below will help you do this. They are clear and practical, and they will make you a better writer.

We are specialists in effective communication and powerful writing. For more than 20 years, we have helped clients communicate effectively and professionally in writing. Now you can learn to do it for yourself.

GET HOSTILE! Have you ever asked, “How can I write better?” Don’t let anyone tell you it’s too hard. You CAN write well. If you are like most people, you need easy-to-use advice. You need someone to tell you, “Look, just do this, and your writing will improve.”

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Your Writing Companion (FREE)

Concise Guide to Technical and Academic Writing

Free e-book on writing with clarity, grace, and style.
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This free e-book contains 1 section from chapter 4 of Concise Guide to Technical and Academic Writing, 1 article from the Precise Edit Training Manual, 8 days of instruction from 300 Days of Better Writing, 5 strategies from Bang! Writing with Impact, 2 essential word choices from Which Word Do I Use?, and 1 major comma use from Zen Comma.


Technical and academic writing share one thing in common: they present focused information to a targeted audience to accomplish a specific purpose. Technical and academic writing can be, and need to be, good writing. By presenting the principles of good writing, strategies for clear technical and academic writing, and essentials of writing mechanics, this concise guide shows you how to write well.

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Zen Comma


Which Word Do I Use?

Commas are confusing. Unlike other types of punctuation, they are used in many ways. If you want to write clearly and professionally, you need to use commas correctly. Zen Comma will show you how.

Zen Comma uses examples, instructions, and anecdotes to teach you the 14 major uses for commas and the most common errors. It also contains exercises to help pinpoint the comma rules you need to learn.

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A quickie guide to the most confusing word pairs. If you master these words, you will solve most word usage problems. This book does not contain one-sentence definitions. Instead, you get definitions (can’t get around that), explanations, guidance on using the words, and examples with discussion. The point is this: You will learn to use these words so you don’t have to look them up, and so you can be confident about your writing.

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300 Days of Better Writing


Essential Writing Skills Series

300 Days of Better Writing by David Bowman is a new, unique guide for effective writing, targeted at business professionals, adult learners, and all others who wish to improve their ability to communicate well in writing. 

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Are you looking for writing instruction that focuses on your specific needs? In this book series you can select the ebook that’s right for you. Each book focuses on one or two essential topics to help you improve your writing.

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Writing Tips for a Year


BANG! Writing with Impact

Writing instruction by e-mail. Every day for a year, you will receive a new writing tip, strategy, or resource, complete with explanations and examples. That’s 365 writing lessons! You won’t be overwhelmed by too much information at once. Learn one new strategy every day.

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Here’s what you get:
218 writing strategies,
73 grammar and punctuation tips,
37 writing resources, and
37 quotes on writing with instructional commentary.

BANG! is THE guide for writing with impact. How do you want your reader to respond to what you write? How can you get that response? This book shows you how. Bang! contains 114 strategies for making an impact with your writing. Each strategy is explained in real terms and demonstrated through examples.

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Precise Edit Training Manual


The Precise Edit Training Manual is the book our editors use for writing and editing. Written to be practical and understandable, the manual provides comprehensive instruction on the 29 most common editing strategies we use and problems we fix.

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